Staying Active (Part 1 of 3)

The idea of staying active for over 55 years old while keeping the budget in control and meeting with like-minded people is not a new one. The average person can do it without any problem, but many of today's seniors are struggling to stay active and stay fit. With the increasing number of people over the age of 55, this is becoming a growing concern for public health officials and aging experts alike.

There are many ways to increase your activity levels and start living healthy without breaking the bank and taking on debt, and they can be summed up in 3 major categories: (1) find time for exercise; (2) make small lifestyle changes; (3) find support from family, friends, or others.

This Part 1, of 3, article explores : Finding time for exercise

The average person is not getting enough exercise. Even if you are not very active, it is important to get in some kind of exercise every day. You can’t just set aside a big block of time to exercise, though.

That’s where the idea of fitness with friends comes in handy. Fitness with friends groups are popping up all over the country for people who want to find time for exercise even if they only have limited time or loathe exercising. These groups are specifically designed for people who want to go on hikes, do yoga, or go biking but don’t have the time or inclination to do it alone.

Fitness with friends groups offers classes that are more social than a traditional gym. These group classes are often taught by instructors who are more like coaches. They can be part of a team that provides motivation and support.

Group fitness programs allow people to get personal instruction in a group setting, which is different from what they would get at a large gym.
These programs offer an alternative for people who want to get fit but don't enjoy the regimented, individualized environment of traditional gyms. Some people prefer these types of programs because they know it's okay to come in feeling tired or sore - but still show up and work out within their own limits.

Bring it home: There are free "group care" providers around the area. Some of which are provided for by health care insurance companies for free. Some of which you don't require to be insured by the health care insurance provider.