On March 1, 2023, this site will no longer be an official site for the Hampton Lakes Home Owners Association.

Instead, it will be a blog site of Bonjet, branded as Hoc Loco Buzz (it is Latin for "In this place").

This blog site will initially be divided into three main topics (segments):

Bonjet's Blogs
Where I can write just about anything.

It will host video logs of my discoveries.

Hampton Lakes
Where digital conversion of publicly released non-digital information created by and for Hampton Lakes stakeholders. Similar but not limited to my digitally created Hampton Lakes digital newsletters from the past (click https://sway.office.com/k9nXe4mG6cRuRj0I).

For security reasons and privacy:
1) I will block out last names and contact info.
2) No digital version of the directory.

In due time, the Hampton Lakes segment will seize to exist when relevance is no longer there.