The year is flying by, it’s hard to believe Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner.

The universal code is disconnected. The excessive use of this code which was never intended for resident’s use was discussed at our October Board meeting. Gate clickers can be purchased from Bill Winterhalter. They are $50 and the check should be made out to Hampton Lakes HOA.

Campbell Property Management has rolled out the basic web page which they state in our contract is included in our fee. That link is Below are the owner’s payment options:
• Online Banking = free for most banks but often reliant on postal service; please note, the date the funds are withdrawn from your bank does not mean Campbell receives it that day. Most banks mail the checks
• Mail Check = cost of mail and also reliant on postal service
• Auto Draft/ACH = free and funds are automatically pulled on the 5th.
• One-time echeck through portal = $2.95 fee
• Recurring e-check through portal = free
• One-time/recurring credit card through portal = 2.39% fee


• Please remember, all work by outside contractors must stop by 6:00 pm, and except for an emergency, NO WORK ON SUNDAY.
• No smoking or drinking on the pool deck

Violation letters are being sent out. If you are not familiar with the rules and regulations, please review your documents once again. A violation is a violation, we cannot pick and choose who has to follow them and who gets a pass.

Warm Regards,