Curated from sources:

  • (1) Hampton Lakes Newsletter PDF 05-01-23 issue
  • (2) Hampton Lakes Alert email
  • (3) Board of Directors Meeting Minutes



Approaching hurricane season

  • Before the hurricanes arrive, please inspect your trees and trim them appropriately if needed to keep everyone safe .(1)

Bulk items on the curb

Unwanted Community Access

  • Please do not let anyone in through the gate behind you. When you pass through the gate, stop so that it closes and prevents an unwanted car from entering the community. We had an incident like this a few weeks ago.(1)

Gate Fob

  • To get a gate fob, please contact Paul B.(1)

Community Request Form

  • Use the Community Request Form for issues. (1)


May Event Details(1)

May 6, 2023

Kentucky Derby Party, Clubhouse @ 5 pm

Cost: $8/person |  Reservation by  4/29/23 with payment to Mary M or Carole M |  Cost covers: sliders, salads, desserts,  mint juleps  |  BYOB(beverage | Cost to bet on horses is  $2.00 per block, for WIN,  PLACE OR SHOW

May 29, 2023

Memorial Day 

Meet at the pool at 2:00 to swim, play games, chat and enjoy some food.Please bring your own food, beverages and snacks. The new grill will be available for everyone's use. Enjoy

Update on Reserves(2)

Mentioned by Debbie

"We had to borrow a total of $29,200 from our reserves to pay the insurance premiums which had increased by almost double.  In order to pay the reserves back from the operating account, we took the following steps, the first $10,000 was moved in February, the 2nd $10,000 was moved on Friday, April 21st and the final $9,200 was moved on April 25th.  It was done this way to ensure we left enough in the operating account to conduct day to day business.  The reserves have been paid back in full. "


Garage Sale(3)

  • 2 dates per year for Garage Sales. 
  • The next garage sale is tentatively scheduled for November 4th from 9am to 1pm.