The Board of Directors is seeking volunteers to expand our committee structure to better serve our community. See below for a list of current committees and suggestions for additional ones. If you are interested in joining a committee, there will be signup sheets in the clubhouse.
Thank you

Standing Committees:
Pool (Iā€™m thinking this could be the Clubhouse Committee to include a periodic (weekly) walk through the clubhouse to check its status i.e. thermostat, no water dripping, no damage, lights out, etc...)

Additional Committees:

Oversight/Light Maintenance
This would oversee vendor workmanship (i.e. power washing sidewalks) as to how well the job was done and report to PM Co. This would free up PM to handle other duties. Also, any light maintenance such as painting. Nothing that requires licensure or special training or that would have liability concerns. Walks around and reports to PM Co. homes with dirty roofs, driveways, mailboxes, etc.

Moves pool furniture into clubhouse moves canopy closes accordion shutters and reopens clubhouse after a storm. Also, assess any damage. This committee operates 6 months of the year during hurricane season.

Health and Welfare or Hospitality
Periodically checks on residents living alone or elderly. Also welcomes new homeowners.

Ad Hoc
Created for a specific purpose such as refurbishing the Clubhouse. May meet one time or several times until the task is done.

submitted by: Ellen Feir