We are back to our monthly newsletters, and the board meeting will resume on September 23, 2021. This meeting date is a week later due to Yom Kippur. In addition, this meeting will be a virtual meeting due to the increase of Covid Delta cases. Look for more information via an email blast.

I want to welcome all our new residents who have moved in this summer.

I want to thank Marie Crea, one of our original owners who did a lot of volunteer work for the community. Unfortunately, she moved out of the community. She took food donations and assisted with the library. We are now looking for volunteers for both and someone to maintain the turtle platforms in both lakes. We are always in need of volunteers. Please reach out to me or any of the board members.

A big thanks to Gordon O’Bleminto for his volunteer work on making the recreation area look nice. That brings me to the dog owners who enjoy walking their dogs in our community; please bring your poo bags and pick up. Nothing worse than someone walking to play bocce, shuffleboard, and stepping into a pile of poo.

Everyone does a great job making their property look nice, and Thank you!

Gentle reminders:

• dog poop picked up and properly disposed of at your home

• doors at the clubhouse: please check to make sure doors securely lock behind you

• pool bathroom doors: residents continue to prop the doors open, which is causing the locking and closing mechanisms not to work

• garbage bins: need to be placed at curb after 6:00 the night before collection and returned to inside your garage by the end of collection day

• yard debris: gets picked up on Saturday morning; there is a limit as to how much they will pick up; please refrain from putting debris out before Friday at 6:00 pm

• recycling day is Wednesday

• bulk trash pick up is Saturday

Stay healthy and safe,

Pam Roe-Johnson