Happy June, Happy Summer Solstice!

We are moving forward to open the Clubhouse this month safely. I will send out an email blast to let you know when we open. If you are not receiving updates, please send your email address to me, Pam.roejohnson@comcast.net.

When we resume publication (in the fall onwards), we plan for more newsletter content. What are you interested in seeing in the newsletter?

I sent out an email blast on this topic and want to ensure all residents and guests are not propping the pool gate open. Leaving the restroom doors open for the next person is causing issues with the locks. When we open the Clubhouse, the restrooms across from the gym will be closed for repair. We are currently getting bids to repair tile and toilets.

Please notify the board secretary Lorraine Marino of any updates you wish to make to your listing in the Hampton Lakes Directory. Her email address: lorrainemmarino@gmail.com

We are also updating our database of the dogs who live in the community. You will find the forms on the lanai bulletin board by the drinking fountain. Please update your furry family information, return the forms to Lorraine.

The newsletter and the board take July and August off. However, we are still volunteering and helping to run our community. If you see something however mundane, reach out to one of the board members. We are your neighbors first and board volunteers second. Let us all work together to keep our community looking and running well.

Enjoy the summer,

Pam Roe-Johnson