Happy Holidays!

I’m looking forward to the final lighting ceremony by our wonderful neighbors at 12979, 12975 Hampton Lakes Circle. It’s always a crowd and a lot of fun and laughs, I’ll see you there!

While doing your outside decorations, take a look at your mailbox and post, it might be time for cleaning before putting up the garland. We will be pressure washing the sidewalks and gutters in the coming month. Gordon O’Bleminto volunteered and cleaned the pool deck and lanai. Thank You!!

We are seeing homeowners using the guest entrance at the front gate by using our universal access code in place of using their key fob to open the resident gate. If you do not have a key fob or are in need of an additional fob, please reach out to a board member or John Messina. For new residents, the seller should have provided a fob at closing. Additional fobs are $50.00.

We are in the beginning stages of changing the access code.

You should have received the mailing for the Hampton Lakes annual meeting and election that will be on January 20, 2021. There are four board directors positions that will be on the ballot.

I encourage residents to take an active role in our community, fill out the notice of intent and become active in our election process and community service.

I will not be seeking re-election.

I have served the community on the board of directors since 2005. To date, I served with three presidents before becoming the current president. In my time, I have held leadership roles as Treasurer and Vice President. I have been part of a fantastic working community, with neighborhood spirit to pitch in where needed to make the community into what you see today.

I encourage residents to become involved in the community and to assist the board in making sound financial decisions to maintain the aging community.

I wish you a safe, healthy and happy 2022!