Happy Fall y’all!

Thanks for making our community a friendly and safe neighborhood. We all enjoy walking, biking to meet our neighbors. With cooler temperatures on the way, we hope to meet and see more of you. On Friday evenings there is a gathering on the Lanai to meet and chat.

We would like to welcome our new residents and look forward to meeting you.

A few housekeeping reminders:

- Please keep our sidewalks clear by not parking your car to block the way of your neighbors walking on the sidewalks.

- When you have visitors, and they park on the street, please do not block the mailboxes. Our mail carriers will not leave mail if your box is blocked.

- Mailboxes are the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain. Please wipe down any mold/mildew.

- If you or your guests open umbrellas at the pool, look behind you when you leave to ensure that they are down and secure.

- Please make sure you have submitted a pet update form for your furry friend(s). Forms are located on the bulletin board at the clubhouse.

I hate to be a constant reminder of this. However, it is still happening. When you leave the clubhouse, check behind you that the door is closed and locked. This also applies to the outside bathrooms. This is for the security of all of us. We don’t want to have to report theft or damage to our facilities.

The Community Directory will be published in early 2022. Please make sure all your information is correct in the community directory, including your emergency contact(s). If you need to make changes, let our Secretary Lorraine Marino know. You can also put it in a sealed envelope in the tube under Lorrain’s mailbox (12926). Thank you!

Stay safe and healthy,

Pam Roe-Johnson

Hampton Lakes President