Bulk Items This is Saturday MORNING, to the Curb by 6:00am for pick up. SATURDAYS.
Discarded furniture and appliances as well as other household items including toilets, bathtubs, water softeners, and similar household goods that will not fit into your SWA provided garbage cart is collected once a week on your scheduled bulk collection day.

Do not mix bulk items with vegetation.

Set-out description
Bulk items and debris from minor home repairs should be placed at your curb the night before or before 6 a.m. on your scheduled bulk collection day.

In unincorporated Palm Beach County, bulk item pick up is provided once a week and limited to 3 items on your scheduled bulk collection day. Should more than 3 items be placed at the curb, the hauler will remove 3 items and should tag the remaining items explaining that there is a 3 item limit for bulk items each week..

Place items like appliances (tape doors shut), furniture and large household items that do not fit in the cart at the curb, making sure that nothing is stacked on top of water or gas meters, under low branches or utility wires, or within 3 feet of mail boxes or fire hydrants.